11 Incredible Eye Macros


There’s a reason that Little Red Riding Hood gasped, “what big eyes you have!” when she looked into the peepers of a wolf, not a bug.

Insects are rather tiny creatures, their small finite features usually unnoticed by the average human being (especially since most are more concerned with swatting the creatures away than actually inspecting their faces).

But you’ll never look at any creepy crawly the same way again after taking a peek at these fantastic close-up shots of some stunning bug eyes.

1. Robber Fly11-Incredible-Eye-Macros-robber-fly2

Also known as assassin flies, these insects may be known more for their aggressive predatory habits than their eyes, but you can’t not be in awe of those vibrant colors! Just look all those red, orange, and yellow hues.

2. Female Jumping Spider11-Incredible-Eye-Macros-jumping-spider1

Jumping spiders are known for their great vision (some of the best among arthropods) and set of four eyes, but you don’t usually get to see the creatures as close up as this. Their glassy, round, orb-like eyes look simply beautiful with their bright sheen and magnificent array of green, indigo, and red colors.

3. Crane Fly11-Incredible-Eye-Macros-crane-fly

The crane fly, no doubt, has a strange looking long face, but you hardly notice that after catching a close-up glimpse of those eyes. The bright green shades certainly stand out against its otherwise neutral coloring. With its slender body, skinny legs, long wings, and vibrant eyes, it certainly isn’t your average house fly.

4. Female Tabanus Horse Fly11-Incredible-Eye-Macros-horse-fly2

Many who’ve encountered horse flies before may cringe at the very thought of those pesky bugs whose persistence in trying to take a quick and painful bite out of their human targets never seems to waver. But, while trying to unsuccessfully swat away and deter the insects, you probably never noticed those big dark eyes with ribbons of bright green stretching across them. They’re so neat, it almost makes you forget about their dreaded biting behavior (almost).

5. Ladybug11-Incredible-Eye-Macros-ladybug

Ladybugs have smaller eyes in comparison to the other types of bugs listed here, but this shot is still quite amazing. You can easily see the intricate details of their antennae, the black and white pattern on their heads, and, of course, their small shiny black eyes.

6. Ant Lion11-Incredible-Eye-Macros-ant-lion

Found world-wide, these insects don’t look much like any part of their namesake. While you may not be able to tell from this photo, ant lions are long, skinny, winged creatures known for the trails they leave in the sand while setting up traps for their pray. What they’re not known for though, is their incredible eyes – seriously, just take a look at that stunning rainbow of colors!

7. Flies11-Incredible-Eye-Macros-fly5

The common house fly certainly doesn’t have a very large human fan base, often seen as a relentless pest more than anything else. But these shots provide a different look at the insects that you may have never seen before (especially if most of your encounters involve chasing them around with a fly swatter…).

8. Bee11-Incredible-Eye-Macros-bee2

You may have seen a bee before, easily recognizable by its bright yellow and black coloring, but have you ever taken a good close look at its big black eyes?

9. Beetle11-Looking-at-the-World-through-a-Microscope-beetle

This photo of a beetle certainly packs a punch – it’s hardly what you’d imagine the face of any bug to look like. It almost looks more like some type of hairy beast! But you can certainly get a good look at those large brown eyes in this photo.

10. Dragon Flies11-Incredible-Eye-Macros-dragonfly1

Dragon flies are already known for their favorable appearance, with their pretty wings and long vibrantly colored bodies. You can see here, though, that they also have some pretty cool eyes, and these close up shots of them are amazing.

11. Caterpillar11-Incredible-Eye-Macros-caterpillar

Okay, technically this isn’t a photo of a caterpillar’s eyes. The real eyes are inside folds by its head, and what we’re looking at here are fake eye markings that are used to confuse predators. It’s still really neat though.

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Photo Credits: Opo Terser kevincollins123 , Budslife “busy”,  rizalis,  kevincollins123,  MuseumWales,  rizalis,  Michael Hodge