You Haven’t Experienced Real Magic Until You Stand Under These 12 Mystical Trees


Earth is lush with trees far older than any living human. Trees are old, wise and full of unknown mysteries. Some trees are so fantastic they are famous, drawing people in from near and far to stand beneath its shade and stare up at its beautiful branches.

The 10 mystical trees on this list will have you packing your bags tonight, ready to run off and enjoy a traveling love affair with some of the world’s coolest, oldest and most beautiful trees.

1. Angel Oak Tree In Southern Carolina

This tree is an incredible 66.5 feet tall, and is estimated as old as 1,400 to 1,500 years.


Photo Credit: Daniela Duncan

2. Antarctic Beech with hanging moss, located in Oregon


Photo Credit: Drew Hopper

3. Wisteria Tree located in Japan

This massive wisteria tree spans half an acre, or 1,990 square meters, making it the largest of its kind in all of Japan.


Photo Credit:

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4. Tall Sequoia Tree located in California


Photo Credit: Michael Nichols

5. Rainbow Eucalyptus located in Hawaii


Photo Credit: jwilsonnorton

6. Flamboyant Tree located in Brazil


Photo Credit: Salete T Silva

7. Dragonblood Tree located in Yemen


Photo Credit: Csilla Zelko

8. Japanese Maple Tree located in Oregon


Photo Credit: falcor88

9. More Maple Trees located in Oregon


Photo Credit: Ian Sane

10. Wind Swept Trees located in New Zealand

These trees located on Slope Point always look like they are under the stress of a huge gust of wind. Due to the harsh Antarctic winds these trees grow at an angle.


Photo Credit: Seabird Nz

11. Cherry Trees located in Germany


Photo Credit: Adas Meliauskas

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12. Baobab Trees located in Madagascar

Cool fact: these Baobab trees store water in their massive trunks, which comes in handy during droughts.

Allée des baobabs

Photo Credit: confitalsurf