10 Of The Fanciest Entries From The World Beard and Mustache Championships 2014


On October 25th, the 2014 World Beard and Mustache Championships were once again held in Portland, Oregon. Men from all over the world came to attend and compete in this festival, sporting every style facial hair you can possibly imagine. After all of the time these men spend perfecting the hair on their face, they certainly deserve some recognition!

Check out some of our favorite entries from this year’s festivity, and don’t forget to keep track of your favorite to share in the comments section below!


The competition is split up into 3 different categories for contestants to enter through.

1. Mustaches

2. Partial beards

3. Full beards

There are specific rules and additional categories within each of these 3 options. Depending on the category ones’ facial hair falls under, they will apply to compete under the related title.


Categories that fall under “Moustache” include:

Natural–styled using no aids and can only grow a maximum of 1.5 cm past the upper lip.

English–Long and slender, pulled out to the sides. Tips may be lifted upwards, but only slightly.

Dali–Slender with long tips that reach straight upwards or out to the sides.

Imperial— A small but furry mustache with arched-upwards tips.

Hungarian–Pulled to the side, big and bushy. 1.5 cm past the upper lid the hairs may start to point upward.

The Freestyle--Contestants beware, here is where the crazy beards really come out!


Categories that full under “Partial Beards” include: 

Natural Partial Beard– Facial hair that does not have any aids and grows on the chin, upper, and lower lip. A mustache is not required.

Fu Manchu–This includes a shaved chin and a moustache that extends a maximum of 2 cm past the upper lip. Tips are long and dip downwards.

Imperial–Slender with long tips that arch upwards and expand in width.

Musketeer–Long, slender mustache that resembles facial wings, paired with a small and pointy beard.

Sideburns–Sleek sideburns and a shaved chin.

Amish Beard--Hair grows all the way from the temple area down to the chin, accompanied by a clean shaven upper lip.

Freestyle Partial Beard— Let the unique competitors out to play!


Categories that fall under “Full Beards” include: 

Natural Full Beard-– Organic beard without any styling aids.

Full Beard Styled Moustache— The beard must remain natural, but the moustache may include aid from styling tools.

Verdi–Short and round, cannot grow longer than 10 cm. Aids are allowed and the moustache can be styled.

Garibaldi–Aids are not allowed, and moustache must be integrated with a broad, full beard that has a rounded bottom half. Length can not exceed 20 cm.

Freestyle full beard–Aids are allowed, time to get beard, I mean weird, with it!


‘Aids’ include the use of mustache wax, hair spray, hair cream, styling foam, rubber bands, ties, hair gel, etc.

The competition also referred to as “Just For Men” saw hundreds of the world’s best beadsman in attendance this year. The action unfolded within the giant Keller Auditorium in Portland, which has 3,000 seats.

Despite the popularity of this event, and the awesome beards it highlights, some people are less than thrilled about the competition, even calling to a complete “fraud.”

According to the group known as “We Support the True WBMC,” this is not the real World Beard contest and those behind the competition have no right to call it as such. In an email the group writes, “Those event organizers do NOT have the authority to award any World Beard and Moustache Championship titles…” Either way, these men are sporting some of the coolest facial hair I’ve ever seen!


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I mustache you a question! Which is your favorite beard of all?!

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