10 Cutest Birds That’ll Make Your Day !

Sun Parakeets Photo By Tim Laman

Who wouldn’t love birds. Specially the small, colorful and cute ones ! In the animal kingdom, its only the birds who are present in such variety of colors, shapes and sizes. A lot of people keep them as pets for their sweet notes of voice or sometimes for entertainment of children.

No matter the reason, we all love to see these colourful things fluttering around in nature. Here is our favourite collection of 10 cutest birds that you will see around.

1. Two Peach-faced Lovebirds 

Two Peace-faced Lovebirds Photo By Feng WeiPhoto Credit: Feng Wei

Two peach-faced lovebirds, whispering to each other in Shanghai Zoo.

2. Cute Small Birds

Cute Small Birds Photo By SijantoPhoto Credit: Sijanto

3. I Told You We Should Winter In Florida But Nooo 

I Told You We Should Winter In Florida But Nooo Photo By Ron McGinnisPhoto Credit: Ron McGinnis

4. Twice As Happy 

Twice As Happy Photo By Deby Dixon

Photo Credit: Deby Dixon

A couple of mountain bluebirds rest on a log during a break in their feeding frenzy and spring migration.

5. Happy Little Flock 

Happy Little Flock Photo By Bonnie BarryPhoto Credit: Bonnie Barry

A composite of five images photographer took of songbirds in his back yard.

6. Hummingbird In The Rain 

Hummingbird In The Rain Photo By Christina RolloPhoto Credit: Christina Rollo

Close-up of a cute juvenile male Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, perched on a branch in the rain, defending his food and territory.

7. Bad Feather Day 

Bad Feather Day Photo By Al MuellerPhoto Credit: Al Mueller

A Blue Jay caught by a tailwind, creating its unusual coiffure.

8. Sun Parakeets 

Sun Parakeets Photo By Tim LamanPhoto Credit: Tim Laman

9. Rainbow Lorikeets 

Rainbow Lorikeet Feeding Fledgling Photo By Konrad WothePhoto Credit: Konrad Wothe

Two Rainbows Photo By Krys BaileyPhoto Credit: Krys Bailey

10. Bonded And Banded

Bonded And Banded Photo By Tony BeckPhoto Credit: Tony Beck

A pair of adult Atlantic Puffins in bonded courtship. Clicked at Bay of Fundy.